Technical requirements

What requirements are needed at the pharmacy?

Participating pharmacies must be customers of the POS software manufacturers ADG, Awinta or Pharmatechnik. We are working on adding other POS software manufacturers

What investments do I have to make?

You don’t have to make any investments; all you need is a contract with kjur. Your POS system provider incurs a one-time activation fee of 70 euros for setting up the interface; depending on the provider, this fee is also due when the system is switched off. You can obtain further information from your POS system provider or from us. In addition, you have to pay a monthly fee to use kjur.

Who will take care of the installation?

The installation is very quick and easy – after the activation, kjur is set up as a new wholesaler in your inventory control system. We are happy to support you and send you instructions by e-mail, support you on the phone or organize assistance from your POS software provider.

Integration in your daily pharmacy routines

Are all medicines available through kjur?

With the help of kjur, contingent drugs will be available, supported by participating manufacturers and participating wholesalers.

How does kjur work in my daily work routine at the pharmacy?

For you and your team at the pharmacy, after the activation and installation, kjur is visible as a new wholesaler “kjur-GH” right in your POS system. Needed drugs can be requested using an availability request and ordered via kjur-GH. The delivery of goods and the invoice are then carried out by your regular wholesaler.

Who will help me with problems and questions?

You are welcome to contact us anytime by e-mail at apotheken@kjur.com. As a customer, you will also receive the contact details of your personal contact person at kjur.

Can I switch off the kjur platform if I no longer want to use it?

Yes, it can be switched off with a notice period of three months.

Do I have to align my participation in kjur with my wholesaler?

If your wholesaler participates in kjur, we will inform your wholesaler for you. Your existing terms and conditions are not influenced by kjur and will continue to apply.

Contract details

Can other kjur pharmacies see my data and/or supplies?

No, currently this is not planned.

Who does kjur belong to?

kjur is a privately owned company “GmbH”, it is independent and does not belong to any group, wholesaler or pharmaceutical company. Further information can be found under “About kjur”.

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